Nonprofit Consulting & Leadership Coaching

  • Be epowered to be a healthy foundational leader
  • Grow your soft core & hardcore business skills
  • Create a space for authentic and unbiased accountability
  • Grow your people skills and exemplary actions and behaviors
  • Learn the art of leadership multiplication

Life Coaching

  • Be equipped with tools to reach success faster
  • Create a holistic vision for your life
  • Develop and execute goals to reach your vision
  • Discover and grow your sense of purpose
  • Increase your overall well-being

Career & Vocational Coaching

  • Identify your ideal career path & explore career options
  • Learn about your personal strengths, vision, and personality
  • Prepare & package your personal marketing strategy
  • Strengthen interview skills, resume writing, and cover letter
  • Learn the art of networking and leveraging social media

Book a FREE Session Now!

We offer all clients and potential clients a FREE 30-minute Discovery session! No contracts, no down-payments, no catches! A Discovery Session is an important first step to help you meet our coaches, for our coaches to meet you, and determine the next steps! If you choose to walk-away that is okay, but we guarantee you this session to answer any questions you might have. Contact us for more information, or book a FREE session now!

  • Equipping People

    RPC equips people with  the confidence, skills, and tools to live, lead, and succeed in every area of life. Our team of coaches will inspire you to grow in your career, relationships, finances, spiritually, health, and well-being.

  • Empowering Leaders

    RPC is dedicated to empowering leaders to live, lead, and succeed to their fullest potential. Our Executive Leadership Coaching focuses on empowering leaders for all stages, seasons, and vocations. Leadership coaching focuses on 5 primary areas for growth: Soft Core Business Skills, Hard Core Business Skills, People Skills, Exemplary Leadership Actions, Exemplary Leadership Behaviors.

  • Encouraging Growth

    RPC are contagious encouragers! We value people and their passions, and we will inspire you to grow deeper and wider. No matter the risk or barriers, our coaches are dedicated to you and your success.

About Us

Rector Professional Coaching offers a variety of professional coaching services to equip, empower, and encourage you to reach your goals in every aspect of your life. Our certified coaches seek to serve our clients with excellence. We work with individuals, teams, and organizations in various capacities to reach holisitic success. We offer workshops, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching sessions to meet the growing demand for continued education. Rector Professional Coaching guarentees one FREE discovery session for all potential clients to hear your story, assess your needs, and give you an honest recommendation.

We want to honestly say that our number one desire is to put YOU first- even if it means sending you somewhere else. Our success is based on your success! Our coaches personally want to invest in each client, and we can only do that if this relationship is a great fit. Contact us today for a FREE session, and learn if RPC is right for you.

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